Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Universe... Listens!

In a weird turn of events, I find myself this morning with no children for summer camp next week, and hence no summer camp. Maybe I talked to the Universe just enough after all. I have been given the gift of TIME, and I promise not to squander it! My heart swells, my head fills with the possibilities of website improvements, date night forms, class planning, newsletter writing... joy, joy, joy.

This morning I have already walked 4.7 miles and am on my second non-fat iced mocha with one shot of chocolate syrup. Ummm breakfast of (jittery) champions. J is off to cooking camp at Becky's, the cleaning elves are at the house, Dave and I have fled to Chocolate to work, and now it's time to get (finally!) completely caught up on the Date Night cd's. Whee!

A last note: Ernie is too old to rename--even though the new name would be PERFECT for him, and I am not likely to get another cat so I am going to have to write a novel (or maybe a children's book) and have the protagonist either be or be companioned by a cat named (are you ready for it?) Gateau. Is that a perfect multi-lingual punny cat name or what? Well it's funny when presented aurally... orally? oh to heck with it==when you say it out loud. Now to work.

1 comment:

Bill said...

Leave Ernie be. You'll have a new cat soon enough. Probably the next time you and your daughter go to the grocery store...