Monday, July 19, 2010

Caught Sleeping

Iced mocha in the Dancing Goats looks-like-plastic-but-made-from-corn cup, and it wasn't enough to keep me awake. Embarrassingly, the barista (is it a baristo when it's a guy?), just came over and shook me awake as I had dozed off on the comfy couch and "people were worried I wasn't ok". Dave was sitting right across from me and he assured me I wasn't snoring. I've been up since 6:00, mostly awake since 4:30 having anxiety attacks. First anxiety attacks in a long time, but completely normal as this morning Dave and I took my mother and J to the airport so they could leave on a jet plane to Montana. It's the first time J has spread her wings and traveled somewhere without me, and I turned out to be less ready for it than I thought I was. I'll be joining them in a week and a half, but...

Now that I am awake, I need to work on the Date Night slide shows and cd's and the script and form for Judy to use to book them while I am gone. This past weekend we participated in the East Lake Farmer's Market and had six date nights/mornings in three days. We have seven Date Nights scheduled this weekend (beginning on Thursday). Whew. Good thing I don't have summer camp this week--I'd be broken!


Bill said...

The Travelling Griffiths!

Get that work done so you can go to Montana worry-free!

Anonymous said...

You're working too hard! This is a flash back for me! I lived this "studio, gallery, classes, wholesale, retail shows" life for 10 years & it about broke me!

Don't believe Dave, he loves you, & would never tell you that you were snoring in a coffee shop (good guy) but you probably were ~ because you're working too hard!

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Ditto above anon.

Sleep is not overrated. It's elusive, but worth the time.

Panic attacks. They've mostly stopped since I stopped doing shows, but I know how ya feel, sista.

Nancy Goodenough