Monday, July 12, 2010

Live From Oswego! (Not Anymore I'm Not)

I started this post last week while we were visiting family outside of Chicago. Never got it published so today I throw it up and move on. One more session 0f Glass Craft Summer Camp to go next week. The last week in June we had both glass craft and glass blowing camp going simultaneously and the studio was a hopping place.

Though we have more sessions scheduled for glass blowing (and kilnforming, and casting, and jewelry making, and bead making), we don't have takers for them. It was a bad year to start a summer camp program. but we are neither dismayed nor daunted. In retrospect, had all the camps filled (or even half of them) we would be dead by now (and we might have taken a lot of other people with us). So we'll call the light summer camp schedule a blessing in disguise. We had just enough sessions to keep things hopping, and, well, can't discount the benefit of everyone (including the campers) still being alive.

As you can tell from the adjacent pictures, it did get a little wild at the end. On Friday I had to leave Todd completely in charge for an hour, and I told him to "use his best judgment" when deciding what to do with the campers. Maybe that was not such a good idea (he found the stretch film dispenser)...

The rest of the original post is below. I need to get back to work. (Really.)


Mocha in a Panera go cup, some desultory piano cd playing quietly in the background. We are ostensibly on vacation in Illinois visiting family for the 4th of July celebration, but in reality Dave and I are both WORKING and leaving our child with the grandparents and Aunt Jan. Heh. It's a good deal. My Mom house and pet-sits for us, and Judy runs the studio so all bases are covered.

I am exhausted this morning as yesterday's "vacation" consisted of a 3.5 mile walk with Dave at 6;30 am and then an intermediate pilates class with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law at 10:00. I had never even done beginner pilates before so I am beat up today. Nonetheless D and I started the day with another 3+ mile walk this morning. Now to work.

Last week was another exciting summer camp session and we had both the 7-9 year-old Glass Craft campers all day and two older glass-blowing campers in the mornings. We did a completely different set of projects in Glass Craft as two of the campers were repeats from the previous session. We also changed up the outdoor activities a bit by adding water projectile devices, bubbles, and croquet.

Ah well, no harm no foul. The glass-blowing camp was a much more serious affair--I saw neither bubble wands nor stretch film in evidence during their sessions. However, with Lee as a teacher, I am sure they didn't need them. That man could make tying your shoelaces fun and interesting and, give him something as exciting as glassblowing to teach... Well, we can safely say no one is *ever* bored.

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