Friday, August 28, 2009

Waiting For the Deliveries

Trader Joe's organic French Roast coffee or Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea? Decisions, decisions. I think I'll stick with the decaf and have the tea. "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor on iTunes. Baxter is all primed for the arrival of the deliveries today--yet more people to bark at and harass. He's not really a people dog which doesn't make him a good studio dog--but he's great security. I'm ready for the deliveries too, in a rainy sort of way. I thought maybe we were getting the fringes of the tropical storm in the Atlantic, but it seems to be just localized really bad weather. It's been raining heavily for over two hours and everything outside is flooded... can't wait to see the studio crawl space.

This morning I called the SBA and spoke to the same woman who initially gave me the information about the ARC program and sent me the preferred lender guide. I told her about Wells Fargo's policies and she said she knew and it's legal. Even though these loans are guaranteed by the SBA and so no risk to the bank they are still trying to get everything out of it they can. Some require ARC applicants to be their own existing customers, and some like Wells Fargo tack on their own requirements on top of the SBA's--and it isn't just for this loan program but for many government-sponsored programs. Bunch of opportunistic crooks

But onto happier thoughts. It's Friday! I have kiln loads to get to, and a photography session, and yet more never-ending paperwork to reconcile, and bills to pay, but then I have a five-day special treat as I will be in Delores Taylor's Pate de Verre workshop up at Lori's. Add to that Dave being home for the nights (maybe as soon as tomorrow!), and my world is looking pretty great. Happy weekend all.


Bill said...

Give David my best wishes, please?

Cynthia Morgan said...

Hey-sorry I conked out on you on the phone yesterday--cousins walked in, I'm helping them ship out to Afghanistan, things got crazy trying to listen, talk and pack at the same time...

Hope the ARC works out for you...I get all the stimulus money but it sure would have been nice for someone to have, I dunno, added some rules when they were passing out the checks. Sigh.