Friday, August 07, 2009

Vacation? As Much As Possible...

Nothing to drink, the utter silence (except for Mom's bird Sam calling for her) of Montana for music. Vacation is ostensibly here, but does a small business owner ever truly take vacation? Yesterday I entered the first of the orders from the Buyer's Market and Becky is shipping several of them out today. Also today I need to finish the retail pricing schedule I'm going to use for Bullseye glass, finish putting together my Bullseye order, and update my receivables spreadsheet. Much though it pains me, I am going to have to go to Quickbooks for all my accounting as I am just too big for the system I have. Now Lori (my Kiln Glass Retail Center--KGRC--partner) has been unintentionally aggressively marketing our retail glass sales so we are starting off with a bang--no rest for the self-employed, who has time to be wicked?

The wholesale shows are over for the year, and after this two-week rest, it'll be time to start planning next year's displays, planning new work, updating the website (groan), and all the other infrastructure/maintenance tasks in the studio. Unlike other years, however, a good chunk of time will be dedicated to getting the retail glass component of the studio up and going and to put together open studio and class schedules for both the new hot glass shop in the back and the kilnforming area inside. Oh yes, and let's not forget this year's NICHE awards. The deadline is August 31 and I've already planned my piece--now I just need to execute it.

Okay, a small child is waiting to get online to Webkinz world so I had best make myself some brunch and hand over the laptop.


Bill said...

Nice for you that you've got orders and work to be done. Here's to a busy vacation!

becky said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Glad to hear that you going to use QB for everything. Have set aside the whole of next Wednesday to work on your stuff. If you update your receivable spreadsheet before then send to me - pretty please.