Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out of the West, Back in the East

A Kavarna mocha in the Los Angeles skyline mug, the normal sounds of the house on cleaning day for music (spaniel whining at having been banished to the deck, the vacuum upstairs, etc.). I am up to my neck in snail mail and phone messages. I kept up with email while I was gone, but the rest overwhelms me. Can't we be done with paper mail already? They want to stop delivering on Saturday, I say let's stop delivering altogether. If it can't be done electronically without killing any trees, it doesn't need to be done at all (I can barely lift the bag of junk catalogs and other waste mail to be recycled).

It's the first day of school for the J and a short one at that, and we are still recovering from flying in from Montana late last night (highlights of our trip can be found on Stranded in the South so it's a short studio day too. Taxes to file (finally!), invoices and firing schedule to update, assistants to check-in with, and a Niche piece or two to ponder!!

we move into a season of change in the studio. The show circuit is finished for the year--no more traveling for me till next January for the Dallas Finds Temp Show. Yay! But we're not slowing down. On October 23 Siyeh Studio will officially become a Bullseye Kiln-formed Glass Resource Center. That means we will stock and sell a full range of materials and supplies for kiln-forming, casting, torchworking and blowing with Bullseye (at fantastic prices, of course), and we will also have a regular class schedule here and at Glass Inspirations (owned by Lori Schinelli our partner in the resource center). Lots to do to get ready for that.

And let's not forget the hot shop! We are scheduled to come on-line with it this month--the gas line for the glory hole was installed while I was gone and I'm heading over there after I pick up J from school to see how the kiln building has progressed. My current idea for my Niche piece requires it be done and the deadline for entry is August 31 so I have my fingers crossed.

So I'm back, I'm well-rested, and I'm full of plans for the fall. More tomorrow when I feel more like looking ahead--today I am still wrapped in the warm blanket of Montana memories and I'm going to keep it close and slow for another day.

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Bill said...

Nice to see that you're back!