Monday, June 01, 2009

Monday from ACRE

I started this post Monday and then was consumed with the show. I thought I posted it earlier today from Sara and David's lovely old ranch home in the mountains outside of Magdalena New Mexico, but apparently my upload failed. I also lost my last edits and pictures. *sigh* Let's try again.

This is the first of the posts from ACRE and I have much more to say about the show, exposition services and the union, next year's show, storage, new work, etc., etc., etc., but I am too exhausted right now. Posts will start to come on Monday June 8th--along with my advancement to the wiser older age of 48. In the meantime, condolences accepted (for exhaustion and a tough show, not advanced age which is a cause for celebration not mourning)...


No coffee, more's the pity, Todd's white noise fan for music. I finally got some sleep last night (fell asleep right after room service penne alfredo with chicken in the middle of watching Sahara on tv). The show doesn't start till 10:00 this morning and we're done setting up so we don't have to be there early, but I've still been up since 6:30. Talked to Dan the carpenter last night and he gave me the lumber list for the hot shop. I called it in to Home Depot this morning and it's set for delivery this afternoon. Becky the Wunder Assistant's boyfriend Kem is going to help with the building and he's going to be there this afternoon to take the delivery and get the materials stored. When I get home the end of the week, the posts and roof should be up!

Now about ACRE. Can you say worst set-up ever? Bill and I got on each other's very last nerve (oh, let's be honest--I got on EVERYONE's last nerve, Todd and Elaine were just too polite to say anything... much). Note to self: after over a month with only one or two cups of coffee, a large dark roast with an extra shot of espresso is NOT a good thing. My legs were tingling by noon from all the caffeine and I was, well, the only word for it is bossy. And set-up took over 24 hours. Day one we were allowed to start at 2:00 pm, but because of car issues we didn't get there and going till 3:00 pm. By mutual agreement we quit at 8:00 pm, and were back on the floor by about 8:00 am (a little earlier). We didn't leave till almost 1:00 am. I got up at 5:30 am to work on my price lists and other show materials (I had to update everything with all the new work). Then we got to the show at 8:00 am and continued setting up for another two hours. Then the people came and I didn't get all the work labeled with pricing till 3:30 pm. Oy.

Orders were good today--a customer from last year who bought a lot of our work and took it with him after the show placed the same kind of order today for this year. The new Cloudstone work is being very well-received, though I haven't sold any of it yet.


Bill said...

What's the holdup with setup?

Seems you have the experience to set it up quickly and efficiently.

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done.

Nancy Goodenough

Dee said...

a whole bloody lot easier said than done! i hope y'all come up with a less stressfull booth design for aug ;)

the perrins said...

can't wait to hear a show review