Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beam Me Home Scotty!

Nothing to drink--I'm going to try to sleep on the plane, the sound of the morning vacuum and the snores (no kidding) of a waiting passenger at the Portland Airport for music. It's very quiet here this morning. There are only eight people in our gate area--and yet we still have a non-stop talker... At 4:30 am. I need a sock.

It was an incredible week in Linda Ethier's Lost Wax class following a fabulous conference, but I am ready to be home. Thanks to my hamster dream of the night before last, I decided to bite the bullet and try for standby on last night's red-eye flight to Atlanta instead of waiting till this morning. I called Delta and they said I might be able to get on "at the discretion of the airport" as they don't dot do standby anymore. Okay, worth a try, not like I had anything else to do for the evening. Hah.

It's $150 fee to change departure dates and the difference in fare from the time you bought the ticket--for me it would have been $575. I turned around and went back to the dorm. Luckily I had decided to try Portland's great public trans and took the trolley and then the train from the dorm to the airport for only $2.30. I got a nice hour-long ride around Portland--I did take a taxi back. Valery (pronounced Wall-air-ee), my lovely taxi driver picked me up again this morning at 4:00 and here I sit.

I was disappointed by my failure to get home last night, but by checking my bag today (for which I had already paid) I was able to get in the knives I bought here and carry all the wax I bought from Linda. I also didn't have to futz with a quart-sized bag for all my toiletries (which I ripped when trying to seal its zipper closure last night).

Okay, out of battery. Goodbye Portland (for now--I'll be back the end of July), Hello Atlanta!

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Bill said...

I have memories of returning home early from conferences due to intense loneliness, but the expense was never so high, back then...