Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Adventure Begins

Nothing to drink, the sound of suitcase wheels on slick marble tile for music. I'm at the Atlanta airport waiting to board my flight to Portland OR and BECon. This will be only my third conference in the past ten years, and I have taken only one other week-long class in 25 years. Can you say excited? While I wait, I will compose the last emails I need to send. I may break down and pay the $8 for connectivity from the airport just so I can get them out today. I land about 10:30 am and then have two hours to collect my baggage, get to Portland State U (I am staying in the dorm housing for the duration of the conference and the post conference workshop), get checked in and drop off my luggage, and trundle to the shuttle stop to catch the bus for the Portland Studio and Home Tour. I don't think I had better count on having time to figure out the vagaries of the network I assume I'll have at PU before the tour. I have been too busy to look up any further schedule info so I have no idea what I'll be doing after the tour ends at 5:30. Uh oh, we're beginning to board and I haven't even started on the emails... Guess they'll have to wait! (Mt Hood shot from the plane for my pic--go iPhone!)


Bill said...


A white Hood.

Klannish, no?

No, I suppose not.

Have a good class!

maria said...

How Exciting!!! Have a great experience!