Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What is This Finanacial Security Thing?

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Lay Me Down" by Crosby & Nash on iTunes. It's a philosophical morning in the studio. Maybe it's the impending purchase of a new studio space and the accompanying financial commitment, maybe it's the result of catching up a bit on my corner of the world on warmglass.com, amazon.com, and cnn.com yesterday, but whatever it is, I am the doe and I pause and sniff the air nervously before stepping into the meadow.

To my general unease, warmglass.com contributed postings on studio (and gallery) closings and who "makes a living" from glass and do they do it alone or with help on warmglass.com. Amazon.com randomly put the books "Seven Years to Seven Figures: The Fast-Track Plan to Becoming a Millionaire" and "Girl, Get Your Money Straight: A Sister's Guide to Healing Your Bank Account and Funding Your Dreams in 7 Simple Steps" up on my Amazon page so I would see them when I updated my blog there. CNN.com yesterday went on and on about the glut (16-year-high number) of houses on the market and the 12-month low for prices (this after a couple of weeks of subprime mortgage crisis news and the repercussions from it) and this morning they want me to "Retire Happily" and inform me that the search for self-worth and emotional changes can tarnish my golden years... Whew! Methinks I need to stay off the Net for awhile.

Letting go of the big picture and putting on the blinders which keep me safe in my little world, I need to find a use for dozens (hundreds?) of empty Bullseye 5-lb frit jars. I cannot bear to throw or recycle them--not when they beg so eloquently to be re-used, but I have no use for them and I am tired of knocking over the mountains of them as I wend my way through the studio. And now that Seraph is gracing me with her presence and her 32" swooping hard tail in the studio every afternoon (and chasing Baxter around in it) they are all over the floor more often than not. Maybe J's new school...

Today is a slump load day as I prepare to ship two orders tomorrow. Tomorrow I also go to Greenville and Asheville so won't be posting in the morning (I am just not alive enough at 6:00 am these days to write more than "garm whahl urrr"). Going up north to review a model home FeSiO is providing pieces for.

FeSiO... another new topic (and thanks to Dave for the name). We (Elliott Metal Works and Siyeh Studio) needed branding for the collaborative work we're doing together. It was getting confusing for galleries to know who to order from, and we also wanted one place to showcase just that work. Enter fesioart.com. I got tagged with the website development... One more site to create and maintain (bringing me up to three and three blogs--including the Amazon one--oy!). In addition to a website we need a product-developemt plan. Right now we all have lots of energy and lots of ideas and if we just keep going we'll be all over the map spinning our wheels. I am not looking for seven years to seven figures, but a little organization won't hurt.

Now off to bag up those empty frit jars, inventory the full ones, get in an order to Hoy's and cut the pieces for the rest of the week's fuse loads. I'd rather slip back to bed for a little pirate captain and the captured duchess...

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