Thursday, August 30, 2007

Back After a Full Day of Driving

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, "Harmony" by Elton John on iTunes. After a fruitful, fruitless, exhausted day yesterday, I am back in the saddle. At least I hope I am securely in the saddle as the horse is moving out and I'm aboard. Thanks to Daniel Waldman and the Rosen Group for the mention on Wholesale Matters Tuesday!

Back to Ikebana for the first day in weeks today, need to make a bank deposit, the two dogs go to the groomer, and J starts ballet. None of that is glass, and it's a full day in the glass studio too. Three orders to start today. In a perfect world they would ship tomorrow, but as I need two days of firings for them, that's not going to happen. Thanks to the holiday weekend they won't ship till Tuesday.

Fruitfully worked out the beginnings of the co-booth design with Elliott Metal Works yesterday as well as the work flow for our new joint venture (fay-zee-O). Next week I have to squeeze in a Joe's day to get the preliminary website done. I brought home one of the new lattice pieces yesterday (we've beefed up and padded the stand-off mounting system since the BMAC) and I need to see about getting pictures of it of quality for a NICHE submission. The deadline has been extended. I think they're just taunting me.

Fruitlessly drove almost to Asheville to see the model home we're (Siyeh Studio and Elliott Metal Works) doing pieces for. The gallery staff was not able to meet us at the last minute so the closest I got to scoping out the space was peering in the windows. But the designs Elaine has come up with are fabulous and are going to be great additions to the FeSiO line (and really fun to do).

Was so exhausted last night I retired to bed with the iPod and an audio book at 8:30. Lights out at 10:00. Except for having to get up to let a dog out at 2:00, slept the whole night, nary an anxiety attack in sight.

The horse that is the day is chomping at the bit. Time to get riding. Yippee Ki Yay...

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Bill Paley said...


I used to work near Asheville as a summer camp counsellor; travel to Atlanta was a pain.

Good grief!