Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hot, Cold and Cool

I am dreaming of the Starbucks coffee I'm going to have once I'm dressed, "Become You" by the Indigo Girls on iTunes. The lousy little summer cold I having been pissing around with for the past week has morphed into a full-blown annoyance complete with extra-runny nose, sore throat, cough, and a voice so croaky that the vet thought she was talking to Dave this morning when she called to give the Jester update. Oy.

If I write one more time what good shape I'm in for this show (early arrival, packet docs created and even mostly printed), I am going to jinx myself for sure. I need to quick think of something going wrong and write it so the imps of perversity pass me by in their cruising. I even have high hopes that the foamcore wall set-up Hargrove is scheduled to do for me at 12;00 followed by my unload time at 1:00 (assisted by Dee) will go smoothly. It's not raining, the sky is a lovely cerulean... I'm doomed for sure. Oh wait, I know! It's going to be *96 degrees* for load-in today! If that doesn't make you miserable, nothing will.

Like my new laptop bag above? Thank you MZ--it's soooo cool! Embroidered, not iron-on or paint.

Jester is having surgery again this afternoon, warm doggy thoughts to him (and huge waves of supporting thoughts to Dave who is managing all child, pet and home care in my absence...). Now off to find that Starbucks and some Dayquil. (PS--Thanks to everyone who has posted wishes here, on Stranded in the South and in email about him.)

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Bill Paley said...

May the bluebird of happiness transfer all the illness from Jester to ... someone in Philadelphia. Someone tall, perhaps...