Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to Atlanta, Back to the Real World

No coffee yet, I'll go scrounge some after I finish posting to help me get through re-packing, "In Without Knocking" by Mission Mountain Wood Band on iTunes. Posted last night on Stranded in the South about the Montana vacation, and even though I am still in Missoula in body and spirit, the studio is calling me back. Would that it didn't have to call me so far. *sigh*

The picture above are the new "Dance" pieces in "Flame"--original on the left and revised on the right. It's difficult to see the color of the glass, but I love the stands.

Was reminded yesterday by email that I am participating in a glass show at one of my local galleries this Saturday and need to deliver my work for it tomorrow.

Need to go to the vet tomorrow to visit Jester and make some decisions about where we're going with his treatment. He was only home a couple of days before he had to go back to the vet because his wound was opening up. He has had several more surgeries--including new skin grafts--since then and he now has a perforated ulcer from all the anti-inflammatories he's been on (that was this week's surgery). And the wounds are opening again so they're telling me at least one more surgery. It's been a month now. But this isn't the place to head down that path. Jester deserves his own day on Stranded in the South.

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Bill Paleyq said...

Poor critter...