Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Get to Make Glass!

I have talked the talk and today (really) I will walk the walk. I know, I know, I am not supposed to be in the studio today, but Jessie is having a play date, Dave is coding and I am in WITHDRAWAL.

Yesterday was spent on lunch with another glass artist celebrating my status in December as a One of a Kind Show featured artist and the book deal (for which, as of yet no contract has manifested in the mail... should I be worried?) and then the automatic transmission going out on my 2000 Honda Odyssey mini-van. I made it to the mechanic... barely.

So today I finish the scrap-through-a-screen project. I took one of the grill screen pieces I am going to use to hold the glass and bent the sides in a vise so it fits snugly over the sides of the frame and into the kiln. Now I have got to finish bending the other piece of grill, give the shelf one more coat of kiln wash and load it up. I will post the pictures tomorrow!

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