Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And What did the Glass Artisan do Today?

Coffee is a thing of today's far distant past. It was consumed on the run. There has been no music at all--not even the radio or a cd in the car. And it is now almost 6:00 pm and I am just getting around to posting. What did I do all day? Well, first thing this morning I was a financial manager dealing with a new scam (on which I will post at length on Stranded in the South) as I wrangled the Sprout off to school. Then it was back to the photographer's for the last picture session. I had him shoot a new body of work which is all textured clear plates and platters. It was a real challenge and took two hours longer than either of us thought it would. But throughout I kept internally squealing "Oh! Those are gorgeous! What pretty sparkly pieces! Did I really make those?" with all attendant tingly good feelings.

Next, I got to deposit money from last week's commission sales and last month's gallery sales and complete one more art fair application (57th Street in Chicago June 3-4). Finally, I delivered a gallery order (the same pieces I slumped yesterday and had shot at the photographer today--now that was planning!) and picked J up from school. Tonight I research postcard companies, design a postcard to use for promotional mailings this year, and maybe work on the catalog a bit. Some time soon I am going to have to decide which pieces to take to the BMAC and make them. And I am going to have to finish (a big task since I don't even have a functioning front page) my website any time now.

*Sigh*. Notice the lack of glass in there? January is the big prepare-for-the-year month. Art fair apps to get in, marketing materials to design and produce for the year, planning, planning, planning. There is some fun experimental fusing allowed to help me get through the marketing materials and art fair apps, but it is a studio-light time.

The contract should be coming back from the lawyer soon and then I can start writing... Oh wait, I am already writing more than I should on the blogs!


Bill Paley said...

More than you should? Not really. It's like you are practicing the writing styles to see if you'll use them in the book.

Brenda Griffith said...

Styles?!? You think I have styles? I am in truth using the book as an excuse to spend lots of time here. And Dave says my writing is getting better so I have justification. Sadly the more I write, the more I am convinced that the editor assigend by the publisher is not going to appreciate me one little bit.