Thursday, August 18, 2016

Once More Into the Studio

Another day is coming to a close, and while I did a lot today, I don't really feel any closer to moved in. I meant to spend the day in the studio, but we had piano lessons this morning, and then the child asked if I would take her to the comic book store as she only has three weekdays of summer left. By the time we got home (we had to stop for lunch too) it was almost 4:00, and I ran out of steam for the day. I caught up on a little email, created a Google calendar for Jessie's school schedule and set us all up on it, and puttered with other administrative things. And then Dave was home and it was time for dinner.

But back to the studio. Last night I did my first firing in my new used KL-50 Denver kiln, and it was like Laurel and Hardy meet the glass studio. The way that it is right now, this might be the worst studio I have had in I don't know how long. Our electrician is still futzing with the City of Austin to get our service upgraded for the additional kiln load. Until he succeeds, we are limping along in Austin high summer (temps upwards of a 100 degrees in the shade most days) with no AC in the studio, only one kiln hooked up (no room in the breaker box for more), a few fluorescent light fixtures--none of them placed over any of my work spaces or kilns, one electrical outlet for mechanical tools, and none of the coldworking equipment hooked up (or even placed in position). Additionally, on the plumbing side, I have a grungy, nasty, little sink that I haven't been able to bring myself to turn on (the big studio sink is still in Austin).

In the process of firing one piece last night I realized my kiln wash is still in Atlanta. My funnel (for refilling the 1 lb frit jars I use to make my pieces) is packed God-knows-where--along with my cutting oil, pencils, Sharpie, and measuring tape. I was barely able to get the piece done--and 24 hours after firing it is still cooling. Tomorrow I hope to make more progress and if I don't end up with a totally functional studio, at least I'll have a complete list for the electrician, the plumber, and the carpenter of what needs to be done.


Bill said...

One has to start somewhere.

ren said...

yes, yes, this is all very interesting, but you left out the most important detail...what did jessie get at the comic book store? I NEED TO KNOW!

Bill said...

A very excellent and cogent point. Expound!