Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hot Glass, Cool Weather

Things are heating up in the studio, and it's in a good way! I am now officially busy and behind enough that the electrician is going to come in tomorrow to hook up one of the smaller kilns just so I can produce more work. The weather is supposed to stay cool-ish (in the mid 80's) for the next week so I hope to be able to knock all my orders out. He's also coming back on Monday to put up more lighting and install outlets for the rest of the non-kiln equipment, and my fingers are crossed that the plumber will also come out next week to hook up the wet-belt sander and the flat lap grinder. Primitive pioneer conditions... Now I'm off to get some work done. The post tomorrow will be longer and in depth (with photos even!).

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Bill said...

To quote Babylon 5: "And so it begins..."