Sunday, August 21, 2016

Killer Smoothie

Today I finally got to make Alison Mayer's killer smoothie recipe! I first had this smoothie after a week of flat-out work when I was run-down, just getting over being horribly sick, stressed out, and at my physical, mental, and emotional limit. I was dropping Jessie off at Alison and Nick's--their son Mitch was in Jessie's Waldorf class from 1st through 8th grade--as they were hosting an end-of-the-year camping trip over Memorial Day up at their mountain property for J's entire class (kids and parents). I was getting our house ready to sell and could not go, and Dave was already moved to Austin, so they offered to take Jessie up with them. Alison took one look at me when we drove up and said I looked like I needed a smoothie. I had two. They were AMAAAAAZING! They will pump you up and enable you to take on the world (or, in may case that day: just stay awake and cognizant till the end of the day).

The reason it took so long to make is that we were a couple of pieces of hardware short (we needed a cold press coffee maker and a working blender), and I also needed to get all the ingredients (turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, cocoa powder, and cayenne were the only ones we regularly stock). Last week I froze up the spinach and kale cubes and the banana, and last night I made the coffee (12 oz of coarse ground coffee and six cups of water), so I was finally ready to smoothie today. I hope Alison doesn't mind my sharing, 'cause this is just too great to keep to myself. Here's the recipe as I got it:

12 oz almond/coco milk
teaspoon coco oil
scant teaspoon coco crystals
slug of cold brew (go by color, not too dark)
dash of turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper (all optional to taste)
Tbs cocoa powder, tbs maca powder

pulse together, then add
3 kale/spinach cubes*
1/4 frozen banana (half fine, just not a big banana person)

blend really well til all cubes broken up - serve over ice and feel like a new woman!! Although the old woman is fantastic - don't go changing!

*blend a shit ton of kale (usually a bag) and a little water then add a regular ton of spinach just adding enough water to keep it moving, then freeze in ice cube trays that will be permanently green after that - buy some at the thrift or dollar store for dedicated use. Store cubes in baggie in freezer.

Wow did it not disappoint! I kicked butt and took names today, and a lot of it was thanks to Alison's concoction. And I not only made some for today, but I saved some in the fridge for tomorrow so I can have one as I take Jessie to school for her First Day of High School. Woot!

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Bill said...

For me, caffeine = heartburn, so I wish you the joy of your smoothie.