Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am a Steel Magnolia

A perky sauvignon blanc accompanying a plate of Dee's chicken livers on some just-past-al-dente pappardelle with a lovely saute of mixed vegetables on the side for dinner. A perfectly appropriate southern meal on a perfect southern summer night as I watch the quintessential summer southern movie, Steel Magnolias, for the very first time. Wow. Watching Dolly Parton do Julia Roberts hair was an experience all in itself. I need my people around me now. Where's Stacy? I can't believe I am watching Steel Magnolias without Stacy! Or Todd! Where are my girlfriends?

The movie is over now, the tears are almost dried. Guess it wasn't the best movie to watch alone. Maybe I should have gone for Death Race 2 after all. *sniff*

More tomorrow. Maybe even about glass, and the book, and why I'm in Atlanta instead of Montana.

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Bill said...

Was this also research for the book?