Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alone In Atlanta

Upon scrounging, I found one, cold, Wild Blue and about six Blue Moons in the fridge (I only drank the Wild Blue and one of the Blue Moons). Also dug up an 1/8 of a bag of Doritos and a rice krispy treat in the pantry. Added them to the half roast beef sandwich, the banana, and the dregs of a bag of roasted almonds--all purchased at the airport in Salt Lake City this morning--and I had dinner! 

I meant to get right down to writing tonight, but instead I vegged in front of the tv and ate and drank watching Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and then The Decoy Bride. Now it's time for bed. The house is very quiet with not a living soul but me in it. I haven't been this alone at home in over 20 years! If not a person, there has always been at least a dog, a cat or a bird around (and I do have the chickens and bunnies here, but lonely though I am, I'm not inviting them in for the night). The dogs, Mom's bird, and all my peeps are cosied up in Montana tonight. I am in Atlanta to get a big commission and some other orders out, and to escort a couple of Jessie's friends back to Montana on the plane next week. I don't like it here alone, but maybe I'll get some good writing done.

Tomorrow night I'll order pizza and open a bottle of champagne. Saturday night there'll be chicken livers up at Dee's. But tonight, it's just me. Think I'll go borrow a stuffed animal from J's room to sleep with.

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Bill said...

You'd BETTER get some writing done.