Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Breather

I come up for air today after several very intense weeks of writing, researching, experimenting, and hypothesizing. Who knew mucking about with hot glass was so much like science? A few weeks ago I was delving into physics with the study of thermodynamics and electricity. Recently it's been chemistry with a focus on what pigments are how they react with heat (temperature and time), each other, glass, air, etc. I've been trying to beat colored things of different natures into shape and make them do my bidding, but so far they just keep laughing in my face. Cadmium is especially annoying. (Yes, I am mucking about with cadmium, chromium, cobalt, selenium, and a bunch of other um's that could probably end my life spectacularly if I did not take sufficient safety precautions. I am taking such precautions.)

The reason for the post today after such a long hiatus is that I had another official slip in the book deadline and we are now looking at October 21. October seems simultaneously safely far away and terrifyingly near. It won't be easy to finish even with the extension, but at least I can envision finishing.

....I sat down to write this post over an hour ago and now after all the distractions and phone calls I can't remember what more I had that I wanted to say. Guess I'll just go back to writing my tome.


Cynthia Morgan said...

OK, dad-blastit. Come on out. Bring Dee. Bring Jess. Bring Dave. Bring your mom. Bring your book. Bring your dogs.

Just come.

Bill said...


Nancy Goodenough said...


And always listen to Cynthia. She is a wise woman.