Monday, January 16, 2012

Cheating Again

Coffee in a white ceramic mug, the sound of lots and LOTS of noisy children and other people for my background music. I wait for my biscuits and gravy with over easy eggs and crispy bacon at Radial Cafe--it's a busy day today for a Monday. Guess it's because it's the MLK holiday. Jessie and her girl scout troop, along with several other local troops, are preparing sandwiches for 400 Decatur volunteers who are rehabbing residences for the elderly today. I am writing today, and doing a little bookkeeping (ugh).

Saturday morning was my first class of the new year in the new classroom space and it was AWESOME (to borrow J's favorite word). The participants all had a good time--and stayed an extra hour working on their pieces (very detailed first works). It was the first Intro to Kiln-forming 1 class and though I did end up talking a bit more about the science of the process than I had planned, it went well.

I am still putzing around with my cold so I am drinking lots of hot water and hot herb tea and getting plenty of rest. I have great hopes that it will be gone by the weekend if I continue to take care of myself. Once I am physically 100%, it's time to jump on the BMAC work. I have about 30 new pieces to do in the new style--kiln-cast, heavily cold-worked (ground, polished, sandblast etched, some pieces also carved and/or engraved. I designed these pieces under the assumption that there is truth in the title of Johnathon Schmuck's book "The Joy Of Coldworking". Now we shall see if I am right, or I am dead.


Bill said...

What's it been, ten days with this illness? Maybe you should see what a physician might have to say?

Brenda Griffith said...

18 days now and counting. But I'm better!