Monday, May 03, 2010

Johnathon Schmuck and the East Lake Farmer's Market

What a life I'm turning out to have with this studio/glass resource center! Saturday was full, full, full. We started by setting up at 8:00 for the first day of the East Lake Farmer's Market. (Find it at because if you go to I first did--you end up at the site for the entropy liberation front. I don't know about you, but I don't have any entropy lying around to liberate.)

It was great fun to do the farmer's market. I hope Judy and Carol had fun too as they were there more than I was, and I am looking forward to doing it again every Saturday for the rest of the summer.... well, maybe not EVERY Saturday. Judy helped out this first time as I was seriously overbooked. She was our Market Girl (see her schmoozing with potential date nighters in her spiffy Bullseye t-shirt).

Dee was a studio elf on Saturday too as it was Day 2 of Opaline-a-Palooza and she wrangled the class for me (including bringing a box of Starbucks coffee for everyone) and ran the studio while I went back and forth between there and the farmer's market.

At 9:30 Lori brought Johnathon down to do a demo in the hot-shop for all the attendees of her Glass Inspirations roll-up class with him. Johnathon is so wonderful. He is such an excellent teacher, a consummate professional with his flexibility, relaxed demeanor and positive attitude. Google his name, people (Johnathon Schmuck). If he ever teaches a class anywhere near you (even not so near), run--don't walk--and take it. It doesn't even matter what it is. I cannot say enough good things about him (and his knowledge) (and his book). In fact, I'm not sure if there are still spots, but he is teaching a coldworking class at the end of this week at Lori's too. If you are available...

Now about today! This morning the dogs got me up at 4:00 because of the lightning that presaged the Perfect Storm. I am not sure how many inches of rain we've had in the last seven and a half hours, but it was enough to bring down our rigged awning outside the hotshop by 5:30 am and to bend one of my aluminum pipe and drape pools at a not-so-nice right angle. The mulch is running in a river down the path and the drive, but Lee is cheerful, and I am resilient (if not totally cheerful). Lori, Johnathon and the first class participants arrived a little after 9:30 and everyone else trickled in after that. The tarp is somewhat back up, I put out donuts , muffins and coffee for breakfast and ordered pizza for lunch. If I can't keep them all dry, at least I can feed them.


Bill said...

Isn't that the storm that caused several tornadoes north and west of you?

Dee said...

brenda, and you expected what from the tarp/pole/weight system in this type of weather? :P his is why the light dome canopy is engineered the way it is ;P

consider yourself lucky, nashville is still waiting for the flood waters to recede...

tomorrow you can breathe again 'cause i know you haven't these past 2 days! ;P