Monday, May 17, 2010

Bad Blogger!

There are many jobs that can be done remotely. My husband, for example, codes very successfully from the red chair in our home office or from whatever coffee shop we happen to be frequenting of a morning. Studio artist, however, requires a studio, and I am not in my studio. I am in Montana for a week on family business. Both the family business and the being away from the studio are forcing me to sloooooowww down and evaluate life--and this is a Good Thing. After last week's insane pace (and no posting) I need a little sleep and a little perspective. And to dream of vermiculture--but that's another topic for another blog.

Now my only question is, do I work on the websites, or create the other half of the POS system for the retail/classes side of the studio, or do long-term financial and business planning, or catch-up on home finances and long-term budget planning... or should I just read and sleep? Maybe a combination of some of the above--but not a combination that makes me feel like I've been pulled in 20 different directions and am ineffectual at all of them. Right now I think I'll enjoy reading in the early evening sun on my parents' deck while looking out over Flathead Lake to the snow covered peaks in Glacier Park just to the north... Yeah, I've got it rough.

PS-Just read Morganica the Viking's review of my book on Amazon. Wow. I am humbled that someone so good thought so much of my work!


Bill said...

Rest and recuperation should be primary, the POS secondary. Or, you could be cute and work each day on something else, after a leisurely stroll by the lake.

carol h said...

grab a fly rod and hit the river.