Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in Atlanta, Back in the Saddle

Back from Montana, ensconced at Kavarna. Unfortunately sat behind two vapid women who chattered non-stop about how cool they are and their relationships (or somesuch). When another big table opened up I vamoosed. Dave'll have a pause when he gets back form his phone call. They gave me snotty looks when I moved, but whatever!

The phone is out at the studio and the house and has been since Saturday. It's supposed to be fixed by 7:00 tonight but I'm not holding my breath. If it weren't for the studio I think I would just drop the landline altogether. Today we are closed and I am taking advantage of the lack of people in the studio to get a new website up. The week in Montana gave me the time to really figure out what I want and need going forward, and the time to do it too. I am definitely combining my two sites (Siyeh Studio and Siyeh Glass) into one, and I am featuring the blog and book prominently too.

So enough posting, to the interweb and beyond!


Bill said...

Thank God you're back! I was worried!

Cynthia Morgan said...

Next time get THEM to move: Join the conversation. Pull up a chair. Hang on their every word, nod in time to their lilting cadences and pull a seriously frowny face when they complain about the dweebs they put up with. After the "do you MIND?" (and your "Your conversation was so loud I couldn't hear mine, and yours was more interesting anyway") they generally move. Takes 3-4 minutes.

Looking forward to seeing the new site!