Monday, May 04, 2009

Monday With a Spouse!

Hot water in the Montreal skyline mug,"Cloudy This Morning" by George Winston on iTunes. Hot water as I gave up coffee three days ago as part of a 10-day detox I am doing through Kashi Yoga. It is not just cloudy, but actively raining this morning... again. This is the wettest spring I have spent in Atlanta. Good for the drought though. And though it is rainy, I am happy, as my spouse is HOME for the week! This is the first of his work-from-Atlanta weeks with the new job.

It's a light firing week for me, but a serious planning/prep week. This weekend I'm meeting with Bill and Elaine of Black Cat ArtWorks for two days to plan our ACRE display, and Sunday I am working on four roll-up pieces with Tadashi (I am sharing a full day with him at Duckbill with Licha and Lori). The goal of the hot-shop day is to make roll-up pieces to add to my current line for debut at ACRE at the end of the month. I still have reservations as to whether this is a feasible proposition, but I am going to give it a test. I had planned to expand the Morceaux de Verre work, but the feedback I have received on the first piece is that it's too much like blown glass--there isn't enough differentiation in the way the colors flow to show that this is something new, something you can't get with just blowing.

Now time to trudge through the rain to the studio and get a kiln load in before Ikebana. It's a Monday.


Bill said...

Hooray for Dave's return!

Dee said...

glad to hear dave gets to stay home this week! tho' are is wondering when you're bringing jessie over for dinner again ;) if dave is up to playing guest let me know and we'll do some cooking and wine serving...