Monday, May 11, 2009

Grumble, Grumble, Grumble

Egyptian Licorice tea in the Pike Place mug, "Mad World" covered by Gary Jules on iTunes. It is a mad world. A slow, sad, mad world today. (Thank you, Ren, for your Melancholy Mix. It's perfect.) I think everyone has days when they are pissy and grumbly, mopey and blue. Today is my day. The hot shop process is snagging in the building permit process--which besides adding time also adds expense and aggravation. I am worrying about the investment which will take time to recoup. My roll-up time at Tadashi's did not go well yesterday as we were two hours late getting started so I did not get through the work I needed to prototype before next weekend's scheduled roll-up production time. The first four pieces of the day took six hours, leaving me only three hours for my four pieces. We did get three of them done in that three hours--two of them with only me there to assist. I need to work something better out going forward--can't afford that kind of slippage if I plan to have these pieces in my production line.

Enough already, let's shake off the grumblies and find my happy place. Moving to Ren's Happy Happy Happy Mix and "Gone Daddy Gone" covered by Gnarls Barkley on iTunes. Dave is gone back to Austin for a week. Sadness. Missing him already. The 10-day detox ends tonight and I need to figure out what to eat for the rest of the week. Whatever it is, it won't be much. Two weeks of dieting and 10 days of detoxing and I'm down 20 lbs--want to maintain that for the week and start descending the scales again next week..

Didn't go to either Charleston or Greenville last Friday--too many moving parts to arrange. Instead I head out tomorrow morning at 7:00. Though we would like to spend two days on the booth-layout process--that worked really well for us last time--I am hoping that the meeting we just had for plan prelim and new piece review combined with just tomorrow will end up being enough. J is not thrilled at the idea of both Mommy and Daddy abandoning her this week, and I have things to do in the studio too.

Okay, time to get back to firing pot and screen melts. Gonna fill Bettina with a whole load of them!


Stacyr520 said...

That damn melancholy mix!

20 pounds?!!! woohoo!

Bill said...

You do realize that it might just be this "detox" that's stimulated some depression, don't you?