Monday, May 18, 2009

A Monday Update

Today's post was already long and fraught with detail about the upcoming show, the upcoming New Mexico road trip and all the other things that are keeping me busy and on the edge of sanity. About a half hour after I changed all my trip plans and posted, I got the following email from my storage facility in Vegas:

"Hello Brenda:
It has come to our attention as we were pulling your booth to prepare for outbound to the advance warehouse that last year one of our guys had dropped the brown & black plastic case and had disposed of some broken glass. We were told that it was not much, but we just now learned of this. Should we re-open the case and maybe you might know what is missing so we can make some kind of restitution? So sorry for this inconvenience."

The black and brown case is the plastic shipping crate that holds all of my work for storage. The other crates have the metal art, the pedestals and other display materials--basically then non-breakable stuff. How much more exciting can my week get?!?

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