Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Oh Me Oh My Oh It's Some Kind of Cold OH!

Coffee in the Chicago mug in honor of the extreme cold in Atlanta this morning. There was not only frost on the windshield when I took J to school, but she reported that the top part of the pond was also frozen. The temps were a great shock to me as it was considerably warmer yesterday. I might have been better prepared if I watched tv or read the news/weather. Alas, I live in my own world and am thus surprised when there are unforeseen climate changes. Unfortunately, today is the day Todd and Dee are coming to unpack the boxes from Chicago, repack them for DC and load them into the pallet for pick-up and shipping tomorrow. This would be a fine activity inside the studio where there is heat, but the studio is already bursting at the seams with other stuff so the boxes (and pallet) are all outside in the hotshop. I may have to spend the morning befire they get here cleaning out the shipping room so we can work in there and avoid the frigid outside as much as possible.

The new year has started chez Griffith, and with it came many changes; the biggest of which is J rejoining her class at the Waldorf School. We had planned for her to go back next year as she wanted to graduate 8th grade with her class, but when the door opened on the possibility of her returning in January if I took a job in Montana, it did not close when the job went to someone else, lingering instead to become a stated desire for her,  and thus a reality for us. Yesterday was the first of many requiring us to rise with the sun to hustle to school and I frankly can't wait till Dave is back from Austin and can take over the morning chauffeur duties. I am already over being a morning person and it's only Tuesday.

Now the vacuuming and sweeping from yesterday are still calling, and it's time to get on with the day.

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Bill said...

Whatever happened to bicycles? Or feet? How far away is this school?