Monday, January 05, 2015

Hello 2015!

'Tis two weeks after Christmas, and all through the house,
Dust bunnies have grown up, the size of my spouse!
The stockings and ornaments packed back up the stairs,
No sign on the mantle they'd ever been there.
No longer till ten the child lies abed;
She's now back at school knowledge filling her head;
And Dave's off to Austin, so I am on point,
Time to dust, sweep, and vacuum to clean up this joint.
But there's email to read and forms to fill out,
And dog pee to clean up (after giving a shout).
Then time with my mother I'm going to spend,
A date every Monday till June when it ends.
The house is so quiet all empty of peeps,
I can hear the street cleaner from way down the street.
But time now to focus, to get on with my day;
To get paid by a client, (a cause for "hurray").
The American Made Show in DC next week,
And faucet upstairs which late sprang a leak,
Both need my attention I'm sorry to say,
But this blog post I've started, it's consuming my day.
"Now finish, now get-up, now get on the horn!
On, kiln-loads, on shipping, there's glass to be born!
To the studio I go, I haven't much time,
Now stop all this puttering making up rhyme!"
And yet to this cushion my butt seeks to stick,
Though the clock on wall continues to tick.
Ambition and energy just can't found,
The height of my goals; to keep sitting around.
But deadlines are coming, the time does approach,
When I'll find myself snug in a railway coach.
It's off to DC that I travel next week,
With Dee, Todd, and John (oh I hope I can sleep).
The American Made Show is setting up there,
My work to the venue I ship now with care.
But first I must make it, last minute my friend,
Today I start firing and Wednesday I send.
Someday I'll start early, I promise myself,
With work all done early and stored on the shelf.
The thought makes me smile, mouth quirked into a bow,
That's the day that I'll wake up with hair white as snow.
My keyboard I'm tapping as dogs scratch to come in,
Fingers furiously flying then rising again.
I'll have some more coffee and finish this post,
Eat a weight watchers breakfast--maybe some toast,
Then I really must move, one half hour remains
Before my day starts to run down the drain.
I've so much much to do here that thoughts fill my head;
The amount I have scheduled does fill me with dread.
But there's no use in crying or wringing my hands,
I'll get nothing done without taking a stand.
So coffee, and blog post, and breakfast, and forms,
Then mother, and charges, and shipping, and more.
This day I will triumph, and so with the year,
May you also flourish; too bad you're not here.
One last thought 'fore I leave you, 'fore going away,
"Happy New Year to all, and to all a good day!"

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"And that's the way it is..."