Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kiln-Forming Destination? Priceless.

I have just over an hour before my kiln-forming 3 starts and I am still in what passes for my jammies sipping the first coffee of the day from the Chicago skyline mug. I can either read a bit more Discount Armageddon, or I can post. Much as I am loving the book posting wins.

I spent last summer in Montana on Flathead Lake. My mom--who has lived with us since my dad died--still has her house there, and we are all comfortably settling into a routine of nine months here in Atlanta and three months there. Last summer I was mostly working on the book, and in support of that effort I set-up a small studio in the garage at the house.

My long-term plans are to set-up a a larger studio on the family lake property. Right now there is a small cabin built by my grandfather and a large metal building erected by my father on the land, and some day we hope to build a larger summer home there. Even though the house is not built, because a metal building the size of a two-car garage equipped with two big roll-up doors and one regular door is already in place, there is nothing stopping me from setting up the studio now. And if I have a studio, I can teach. Teaching is on my mind right now as I am enjoying it so much here, and the opportunity of sharing what I love to do AND my favorite place on earth is too compelling to pass up!

Imagine a week of studying kiln-forming techniques interspersed with afternoons swimming in the lake, shopping at the galleries in Big Fork, dining at the Smokehouse surrounded by cavorting bunnies, a drive through the National Bison Range, and a day trip to Glacier National Park. I think I may be onto something!


Tahmi DeSchepper said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad you won't be offering this in my off season - but hanging out by the lake in Montana in January just wouldn't be the same LOL.

Seanan McGuire rocks, and I thought Discount Armegeddon was a hoot (I want some Aeslin mice!)I thought you might also be interested in reading her background short stories as well:

Enjoy your time in Montana!

Bill said...

You are going to be the inspiration for a whole generation of glass artists, aren't you?