Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Quick Post and On With the Day

I am tired to my bones this morning. Last night I was in the studio until after 11:30 getting two big loads into Bertha and Bettina. Then this morning up and running to get J to school while Dan the carpenter finishes the installation of wood flooring in the upstairs of the house. The cleaning people are due to arrive within the hour, and everything is a mess. Anyone who has cleaning people knows that you have to clean before they clean (actually straighten in order for them to clean) and I am behind. Thank you Baxter (Psycho Spaniel) for pulling all the used Kleenex and toilet paper out of all the wastebaskets and shredding it all over the house during the night.

On the plus side, the chicken sheep and goat are out, the rabbits are in, and all the animals (including the baby chicks in the guest bedroom) are fed and watered. It's also shaping up to be a beautiful day in Atlanta--looks like it won't rain today. Three more kiln loads in today, and I'll even be caught up on production--just in time to go into a full weekend teaching. I have kiln-forming 3 on Saturday and a new kiln-forming 1 class Sunday, and both are full. I hope this new batch of students is as enthused as the last group and signs up for the rest of the series (taught over the next two weekends). These are my last two intro series before heading to Montana.

Yep, it's time again to escape what will be the heat in Atlanta for the cooler summer temps of the Montana mountains (and lake). We look to go the first of June, and I haven't even begun to set a final date and make the last arrangements with the house sitter. In retrospect, I think it's the cooler-than-usual spring temps that have delayed preparations this year. Usually it's so hot by now that we are in a hurry to flee. But this year with all the late rain and cold temps, it's just now getting into nice weather--and mostly pollen-free nice weather.

Okay, time to get my butt in gear. More on classes tomorrow.

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Bill said...

It's easy to realize that you're very busy by the spotty reporting this last several months. Good for you! Though I admit that I miss your updates.