Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not a Damn Word

Yesterday was a hit-the-ground-running day that left no time for a post. Suffice it to say I played throw the knife, catch the knife all day, and somehow managed to get everything done... except any writing. It is a sad, bleak little note that were it not for the book, my work-life would pretty perfect and balanced right now. But there is The Book, and sooner rather than later I am going to have to face it. But not today. Today I teach a class this morning and a private birthday party this afternoon. The birthday party is for six girls and they are going to make wind chimes. I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

Yesterday the day started with my failing to change the blade on the tile saw. The screws to get into the assembly were rusted so badly that even after four applications of WD-40 I couldn't get them loose. I was ready to give up and finally invest in a good tile saw, but Tadashi gave it a try and now my little Workforce tile saw is back in business. Whew. I don't really have money to spend on a new upgraded tile saw right now.

In the middle of the day we had a visit from one of our gallery clients, Skip MacLaren of Reflections Kaleidoscopes. We got to show him everything but the chickens before he had to head back to the kaleidoscope convention.

Jessie also returned from her 20-mile hike last night. She was tired but exhilarated. We celebrated with homemade pizza (NOT baked in the kiln) and Steve Martin's "Roxanne". After the movie, we danced under the stars in the backyard and capped off the night by making a big family bed on the trampoline with the faux fur blankets under us and our big down comforter on top. Thanks to our mosquito system it was a BEAUTIFUL night (none of us got bitten once), and we will definitely do it again. Camping, Griffith style. If you look carefully you can see J's tousled head still nestled next to her grey rabbit Bun-Bun in the covers. I got to sleep in the middle and was warm and toasty all night. Dave and J had the outsides, but they both reported (when the chickens woke us at first light) having slept nicely toasty too even though it got down to 46 degrees. If I hadn't had to get up, I'd probably still be in sleeping with J!


Bill said...

Good bunny!!!

Tam said...

Ha- I cracked up over the "down to 46 degrees.". That's summer temperatures for us. :). Sleeping on a tramp under the stars sounds heavenly. Hope you get the book on track so you have more nights to remember with your family - life is short and time with sweet children irreplaceable. Onward!