Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late, Late, Late!

It seems like just yesterday I wrote I'd be posting every day again... Life, it's what's happening! This morning I sit in Kavarna poised to move full-time into a new studio direction. How exactly I will implement this new vision is still being fleshed out. Certainly the cut-back in the open hours of the studio will be a part of it, but at the same time I am looking to increase the accessibility and value of the studio for our customers. Right now we are open a lot of days a week for walk-in traffic in a non-walk-in-friendly location and have a decent-ish web presence. I need to turn that around. Bullseye has begun two new programs for education and affiliation that look like a perfect match for where I would like to be--more virtual and virtually full-time without killing myself by trying to be *really* full-time. I have said for years that I need a couple of clones of myself. Well what better way to clone oneself than through the web?

Of course as soon as I come up with a plan, Loki (the trickster), tries to throw a monkey wrench in it. I taught yesterday and two of the students really loved kiln forming and want to take more classes. I, of course, said yes there are more classes they can take, and they can also come in for open studio... Then I remembered I am cutting back on teaching and open studio this fall and felt awkward. Today I have a family group of 7-10 people coming in to do a little glass blowing with Tadashi and a little kiln-forming with me and I am a bit grumpy because I don't have an uninterrupted day (again) to spend with my family. Balance. It's all about balance.

Now I need to get this post out, have breakfast, and get to the studio to finish preparing for the group. Tomorrow's post Studio Chicks and Buns!


Bill said...

It's hard to turn down actual dollars, isn't it?

Dee said...

your biggest problem is you always say Yes! i can do that! BEFORE thinking of what that means in time/energy/schedule ;P