Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to Fall!

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Homeless" by Paul Simon on iTunes. I scratch my head at the randomness of iTunes. If there's a pertinent meaning to this one, I don't see it.

Some might say what Dan is doing over there at the studio right now is gilding the lily, but that bit or porch overhang that he is adding on will keep the rain off me and my laptop in the morning when I am unlocking the backdoor, and it will also keep the J dry when she runs over in the rain and struggles to open the door. As a last step he's going to put a little shelf on the right next to the door so I can set stuff down to get the keys out and into the lock. Some might wonder why I am having this trivial construction done, and I probably wouldn't have, but Dan was already up there putting new fascia board on the sides of the studio so I can get rain gutters mounted (got to have rain gutters in order to use the rain barrels doncha know).

Yesterday there was no post. I thought I would be able to do one when I finished my article for Profitable Glass. But I didn't finish until 11:00 last night. This article took a lot more time and effort to get right than the previous ones did. Today I am finishing the last editing (now that I am finally working--it was J's first day of school, first day of first grade... we started the day at the opening assembly) and (at last!) firing a couple of kiln loads. I am looking forward to getting a lot more done now that I don't have to break to make breakfast, make lunch, answer questions, tie knots, and other mommy activities throughout the day. Yes, part of me regrets the end of summer and its potential for lazy, sunny days. But a greater part sighs in relief at the focus fall brings.

Off to focus!


Bill said...

Lazy days?

Those ended when the child arrived. Or was it, when Dave arrived?

Dee said...

LOLOL lazy days at any time of the year disappeared when the J arrived 6 yrs ago ;P they won't return till the J is off in college somewhere away from home ;P