Friday, August 15, 2008

The End of Summer

Coffee in the Austin skyline mug, the quiet click of typing keys for music. What the heck happened yesterday? There was no post! I hit the ground so fast in the morning that I never got a chance to sit down and post (that'll happen on days when I have nine people spread between the house and the studio to supervise). Suffice it to say, it was a big day, and I'm glad it's over (and I got caught up on the week).

I have reconciled myself to needing another day of transition before I get back into full production in the studio on Monday. Actually, it's three days, but I am really trying to take weekends off this fall. Heck, if the workers of the fine state of Utah get to go all French on us and go to a four-day work week, I should get weekends off. Sure, some of them are working 10-hour days, but who isn't?

And it's a good thing I am waiting an extra day before I begin full production (which requires cutting lots of sheets of glass) as my Bullseye order won't be in till the end of the week next week, and I am completely out of normal width clear sheets (just shy of 20" wide). All I have left are a few 21" wide sheets that were mixed in with my last two orders, and I like to save those for when I need to cut a 20" round.

Today the former studio will be carpeted and the water lines that used to run to the three-bin restaurant sink in it will be re-routed to a laundry tub in the garage. There is already a workbench complete with an 8' X 4' pegboard over it in the spot in the garage where Bertha used to sit. It will be like there was never a studio there at all!

Now off to contemplate the last week of summer. School starts next week, so even if the weather says differently, fall is here.

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Bill said...

Back to school, O Sprout, so your Mommy can get some work done...