Thursday, December 29, 2016


You know how I mentioned Karma the other day? Well she's not just in charge of making sure those who cut you off in traffic get what's coming to them. She's also the when-one-door-closes-another-door-opens chick, and she perks up when you invoke her name.

I got an email this morning that the Master Spinner class I am registered for in Destin in February has been cancelled for lack of interest, i.e., people forking over dough to attend. This hole in my dance card has brought up options which I thought were closed and is making me rethink my continuing education choices for the year. Or, as Dave would say, "I've got a date with Destiny, and she's ordered the lobster." I have the option of attending the same class, at the same time, but in Wisconsin, or I could see if there is still space at the Philly wholesale show also scheduled then. The show is probably full. I just went through a loooong post detailing why doing wholesale shows is not in my best business interest, and yet seeing friends, having a surety of orders for the year (if at a pretty high cost) is beguiling. Wisconsin in February, cold. Philly in February, cold. Wisconsin has SPINNING. Philly has glass friends and income instead of outgo (or at least more income than outgo--I would hope). It's a lot more expensive to fly to Wisconsin. And longer. It's a lot more expensive to stay in Philly.

It's easy in these situations (for me at least) to immediately react instead of pausing to take a few moments to ask myself, "Was my initial decision to follow this course well thought out? Do the circumstances that caused me to make it still hold true?" My answers this time are sort of and maybe. Not so helpful. I thought out the Master Spinner program in terms of do I really want to do it, can I afford it both in terms of time and money, and is it scheduled for a good time for me. Those are all still true so I guess it's well thought out--though since all the criteria are pretty much about me and not my family, business, or long-term goals I had to go with "sort of". In terms of the circumstances causing me not to do the Philly wholesale show, all the reasons for not doing shows at all still hold true, but now the change in show management for Philly does make it more attractive to me--as does the post-Christmas bank balance.

My brain hurt and I had to take a break so I called Dee to see what she knew about availability of booth space at the February show. She said she thought there were still booths available, but, having been a good friend and read my previous long business post, she talked me off the ledge by reminding me of all the reasons I didn't want to do it and encouraged me to sit this one out to see how everyone else likes it--and to give the new website and marketing ideas a chance.

So. February. In Wisconsin. Time to source more warm clothes...


Bill said...

Where in Wisconsin?

Brenda Griffith said...

Just outside of Madison in Stoughton.