Thursday, September 01, 2016

Pop-Tarts and Piano

Started my day with blueberry Pop-tarts and practicing piano. Hope I didn't get the Pop-tarts in the piano. The day actually started with an extra hour in bed as McCallum has a late start day today which means buses pick up an hour later, and classes start an hour later but finish at the usual time. Interesting way of managing school hours. I would think this would be a great strategy for school districts that need to make up snow days.

I also started the day feeling loved. I was a bit ashamed about my pity party yesterday, but I was amazed at the response to it! My next door neighbor--maybe coincidentally or maybe in response to my Facebook post--messaged me and asked me if I wanted to get lunch at an Indian buffet, and another friend texted to ask if I wanted to go for a pedicure this morning. I missed the lunch as I had bento with Dave, and I can't do the pedi as her schedule is very tightly tied into little ones' school and pre-school times and I have the Thermador tech coming to fix our oven this morning at the time she can go. But more important than participating in the activities was being asked. Now the next time I feel a bit cabin feverish, I know two people I can call about going out to do something.

So today I sit at my desk, it's covered with papers, the sun is shining, I haven't yet bathed the dog, and it's going to be a great day. Doesn't matter what I get done, it's going to be great.


Mike Ziolkowski said...

I think you have this backwards...the dog is big enough...let him bathe you! Much love, -- Mish

Bill said...

Here's an interesting thought:

Instead of taking the dog to bathe, take the dog to Bath! Go walk the dog down the lane in England...