Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Life (In Austin) Really Hasn't Begun Yet

Had the time and the mindset to post today, and when I went on Blogger I found I had already started a post back on June 10. Rather than trash it, I decided to have it lead into today's post as it fits my current mindset perfectly.

June 10, 2016.
Posting is hard with a kitten on your lap. Fortunately said kitten was spooked by the doorbell so I have a little time on the laptop when I can reach all the keys. Today is the fourth full day of our new life in Austin. I thought about writing sooner, but had little things to deal with in the house and yard, and big exhaustion to overcome in my mind and body. Today I am sort of waiting for an electrician and a plumber--both of whom I have a sneaking suspicion won't show--and determinedly and forcefully doing... nothing. My spouse threatened to tie me to the bed today and take away my phone so that I would be forced to rest and recuperate, but he left with a promise from me that I wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do today. So a little laundry, a little sweeping, a little organization... and now relaxing on the couch, posting and waiting for electrician and plumber.

It's so quiet here. This house seems to suck up all sound--which is unexpected given the lack of carpeting and window coverings...

And then something happened, and I got pulled away from posting for, well, three and a half weeks. But I'm back now, binge-watching Fixer Upper on HGTV from my hotel room in L.A. waiting to start filming as an extra on ConMan tomorrow through Friday before flying home Saturday. Then Sunday is when life really begins in Austin. Today I have been alternating between looking forward to my cinematic adventures tomorrow and the rest of the week (though I still don't have call time info and it's almost 9:00 pm...), and also anticipating the next steps at Stone's Throw. I am going back and setting up my studio (and working on the orders that have been steadily coming in since the move)! I'll slog through unpacking the house stuff--not really looking forward to that, but then I get to set up the new loom (and its siblings) and the rest of the sunroom (aka the loom room, textiles room, you get the idea).

When the house is under control it'll be time to start on the apartment. I am kind of excited about painting, decorating, redoing the floors and making it into a fun place that people will want to rent on HomeAway. I even have someone who wants to earn a little extra money cleaning between rentals to help support her Etsy clothes habit!

Further down the pike (after our house sells in Atlanta and we have finished moving the studio) it'll be time to take on the big renovation of the master bathroom and the smaller reno of the master bedroom. Somehow I don't see life slowing down anytime soon!

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