Sunday, June 24, 2012

Caloo Calay!

The rest of the line from which comes the title of this post is "no work today, we're cabbages and kings!". Good thing I am neither a cabbage nor a king as I have PLENTY of work today. Notwithstanding the abundance of work, I will also be going to lake with Dave and the J today--I'll be writing up the projects I am doing this morning. As it's almost noon now, and we want to spend the afternoon at the lake, and I have at least an hour of work in the studio before we go, and we need to stop for walking shoes (for Dave) Keene sandals (for me) and a nerf gun (for J--and maybe a defensive one for me and Dave), I had better leave the long posting for another day. Wherever you are, I hope your weather might end up half as fine today as it is here.


Nancy Goodenough said...

I got Keene Newport sandal thingies the other day. As comfortable as the Crocs I used to wear and grippy to walk in. Been wearing Uggs year-round for years and now gave into warm weather footwear. Which did you get?

Bill said...

Guns are never defensive. They don't protect you from incoming projectiles, they send out your own at a target downrange. Admit it, you just want the option to shoot J.


Doesn't sound like much writing is getting done...