Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Quickie!

Medium mocha with an extra shot of espresso in a Kavarna go-cup, no music... is the sound system broken? Already had a call with a client, getting ready to meet  with the housesitter before another meeting from 10-11 and then taking J to a developmental opthamologist (or optometrist--I can't remember which she is) at 12:20. That's all before I get to the studio! It's a full, full, full day. Just got another big order, and I have some research and supply-ordering to do for the book. Wheeeeeee!

The two days in Blue Ridge were amazing for my mind and the book. I naively thought I'd get a lot of writing done--and I was of course incorrect--but I didn't realize how much benefit I would get from uninterrupted research and notes time. I had hours on end at the computer with no one even talking to me unless I initiated the conversation. It was heaven!

And now my next meeting is about to start so I'll put this up, and get on with the day!

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Bill said...

Go, Brenda!