Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Week

It's Saturday morning--at least for another hour--and an incredibly horrible week looks to be behind me. Instead of re-hashing it here, I am am going to take this time to look ahead at what's coming up in the next couple of weeks. The agenda is scary, but doable. I hope. Getting all the work done for the Buyer's Market is the top line item, closely followed by writing 30 pages of the book. I don't foresee any problem doing the work, but the writing is a bit scary. I should also get the Siyeh Studio and FeSiO websites up, the work photographed, a postcard mailing put together, and a host of other promotional tasks done. At this point they all appear to be beyond a stretch goal, which is not good as doing a show without promoting  it--especially the new FeSiO work--risks throwing a lot of money down the toilet. However, right now it's a choice between money and time, and the money I will make from orders at the show exists as potential (a bird in the bush) and the time I have to prepare for the show (and accomplish everything else I have scheduled) has an exact, small quantity (the bird that pooped in my hand).

Today I need to take apart the pressure pot for my sandblast cabinet, figure out why it isn't working well, and rebuild it. I also need to make a list of the pieces I want to take to the show of my current work, and fire a couple of pieces of the new work. Finally, need to try to sandblast some steel from Bill to see how I like the look for a new wall piece. Tomorrow is for writing. Wish me luck.


Dee said...

i will help with the promotional materials as much as i can and you will allow ;)

Bill said...


And, while we're at it, the gift of more time...