Monday, May 02, 2011

Has It Really Been Two Weeks?

I need to post quickly before something else explodes or takes a radical detour sideways (too late--everything happened and now it's after 11:00 pm and I'm finally posting!)... It's been a challenging couple of weeks since I last posted. I believe at the time I mentioned a really full life. Hah. I hadn't even begun to see a really full life two weeks ago. NOW I know what a really full life is, and I gotta say, it's not for me. Here are some pics of everything that has physically happened at or around the studio in the past two weeks:

The hotshop before any new construction:

Then after the first few days:

Then when finished (notice the nice deck for datenighters):

Then there's the new coldworking room expansion which was started and mostly finished in one day:

And with the new siding, walls and floor up (but with the old interior wall--need to cut that one out still):

Finally, The inside of the new kiln-forming classroom:

Now I'm tired and need to go to sleep. Another post tomorrow morning I hope).


Bill said...

I can't wait for the build-out that connects your home to your workshop, producing a McMansion! Then you'll really be cooking!

Dee said...

yes, it HAS been 2 weeks since your last post! ;P

bill DO NOT encourage her! ;P

Dee said...

and it's been TWELVE days since this post ;P maybe sometime next month you'll have a few minutes to update your blog? :P

Becky said...

And it had now been another two weeks :-)