Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Night In the Hotshop

I instant message with Mike about the Siyeh Glass website updates and wait for Lee to get back to the studio so we can do two roll-ups in the hotshop tonight. We don't have an oxy-propane torch set-up out there yet so I am a bit nervous about how well our seams are going to turn out. This effort may be doomed to failure--Johnathon and Tadashi both spent a LOT of time torching the seams on the roll-ups. But both the pieces we're doing tonight have a clear layer on top so maybe they'll seam up better than the mixed opal/transparent-many-colored-surface rollups do. He's here! Off to blow.


Bill said...

Lots of hot air to you!

Anonymous said...

If you first cut a bevel on the edges of the sheet where the seam will be, you shouldn't need to torch at all.

Larry C

Dee said...

hey, you promised PICS today! ;)